Sad Saturday Night for Nigerian Contact Sports Enthusiasts

*As Joshua and Usman Got Whooped

The heart breaking outcomes began in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where former World Boxing heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua failed in his bid to take back what he lost barely a year ago. For the second time, his ring albatross, Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk, held on to his prize, after out punching the Nigerian-born Briton to earn a split decision victory.

Beyond all doubt, the victory left a sour taste in the mouth of Nigerians sports buffs who had hoped that it would be the first of a potentially thrilling two to end in victory for motherland representatives. It was not to be.

Disappointed but hopeful, they turned their eyes on the next chance of the night, the Kamaru Usman/Leon Edwards UFC title fight, believing that redemption would come from thence. Except that the night was obviously destined to end in gloom. Like Joshua in Jeddah, Usman got whooped n far away Salt Lake City, Uttah, USA, painfully in a fashion ringside commentators described as coming via a “miraculous head kick” from nowhere.

More painful is the fact that the kick came in the last moments of the final round five, a point Usman and millions of his fans were settled in the belief he had done enough to retain his Crown. But Boom! It was lights out.

As did Joshua’s defeat in Jeddah, Usman’s shattering loss to Edwards was a baleful end to a hopeful Saturday night. The outcome left the bile, at its bitterest best, flowing through the gullet of Nigerian UFC enthusiasts and Usman’s fans.

Usman and Edwards met in 2015, with the former taking the podium salute after the encounter. Without any doubt, both have come a long way since then with remarkable improvements. Just before the fight on Saturday however, the real issue was to determine how much of the acquired improvement would come to play. Would it be enough for Usman to restamp his edge on Edwards or did the period afford the latter to acquire enough to pull a defeat?
The answer came in the fifth and final round. And Usman kissed the canvass from a learnt kick, without any recovery chance. A sad Saturday night it was indeed for Nigeria.

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