Joshua’s Promised Boxing Aggression: I Don’t Care…That’s His Business-Usyk

Truly, Saturday night in Saudi Arabia, promises to offer much more than what boxing fans may have bargained for. Whereas former World Boxing Organization, WBO, champion, Anthony Joshua, has promised to make it a nightmare for his opponent by being more aggressive in delivering his boxing message on the night, the skillful Ukrainian champion says he’s not bothered about such talks at all.

Usyk who looked fit, trimmed and very relaxed, said he doesn’t care and that indeed the problem is Joshua’s, not his.

“I don’t care. That’s his business,” Usyk said.

Looking really as fit as a fiddle, Usyk seems to be looking beyond Saturday, as he appears ready to surprise the Englishman on a night he’s not even ready to predict.

“I’m good, very good,” he replied in response to how he feels and how ready he is for the night in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Ukrainian,” I’m here. I’m having a fight on Saturday night. It’s a reality. It is what it is,” he said, adding jokingly that he is over a 100kg in weight.

Usyk said he is the one that will deliver the more aggressive boxing showpiece on Saturday, assuming both his Ukranian and British fans that they should only expect him to do his job on Saturday night in a way that will make them happy.

“I can assure you on this, this saturday night.

“Thank you my fans of Ukraine. Thank you my fan of British. Thank you guys. I do my boxing, you will be happy.”

A gentleman by every standard, Usyk was effusive in his ranking of his Saturday night opponent when asked about what he thinks of the big Briton.

“At this moment he’s number one because I’m having a fight with him next Saturday. He’s an Olympic champion. He’s world champion,” he said.

On where he would be heading if he wins on Saturday or what he thinks of Tyson Fury’s retirement, Usyk said he will only discuss his future on Sunday, not before, adding that he does not feel Fury is about to retire.

“I don’t feel like he’s retired but I will be ready to discuss my future plans on Sunday.”

“Vitali and Vladimir are so, so high (gesticulates) and I’m somewhere in the middle,” he declares in response to where his possible victory on Saturday would place him with his fellow Ukrainian heavyweight boxers and compatriots

And he is cock-sure the presence of Robert Garcia as Joshua’s new tactician is the latter’s problem, not his. Hear Usyk.

“I don’t think about Anthony Joshua changing or not changing. It’s not my problem. It’s his problem.”

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