I’m Going to Smash Oleksandr Usyk-Anthony Joshua

As Saturday, the August 20, 2022 date for the epic rematch between former World Boxing Organization, WBO, champion, Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, draws near, it appears boxing fans from across the world will be for a real thriller.

That is, if the promise by the ex champion to annihilate his opponent is anything to go by.

Joshua, who is still smarting from a loss in which he got whooped by the skillful new champion, is already in Saudi Arabia for the match and has promised to mess up his opponent up this time, come Saturday night.

Apparently revving up the psychological side of the bust-up on Saturday, Joshua pointed out that irrespective of how good Usyk turns out on the night, he (Joshua) would prove he has enough competitive gumption to take back his belts.

The reason, the big Briton says, is because he’s got a mindset that’s not in any doubt he’ll smash the Ukrainian, assuring that he is unperturbed about how good Usyk is. As far as the fight is concerned, Joshua insists the night will be his, having rejigged the aggressive side of his boxing, in addition to being boosted by a mindset that’s not in any doubt he’ll smash the Ukrainian.

“I don’t care how good he is. My competitive spirit will overcome all obstacles. That’s just the mindset now,” Joshua said.

Joshua also disclosed that it is not rediscovery process as he never lost the aggressive side of his boxing. The truth, he says, is that he merely attempted to, as he puts it, “add more strings to my bow,”.

“It’s never really been lost. The path is always there. It’s not like I’m trying to rediscover a path. I always understand where that is. I just tried to be more elusive and add more strings to my bow,” he said.

“I was focusing more on different things in my career, for example having a better jab, hitting and not getting hit. You’ve got to focus on that aggressive aspect, that competitive spirit and at the end of the day, I don’t give a damn about your jab, I don’t care how good that jab is, I don’t care how good this is. I don’t care how good you are – my competitive spirit will overcome all obstacles.

“That is something you should never neglect in your search for improvements. Your competitive nature can take you a long way.”

Joshua promised that the encounter on Saturday would see him adopting an action-packed, destructive approach which had been the high point of much of his boxing career’s early success story.

“I was amateur for three and a half years and I done a lot in that time and I asked myself how? It wasn’t down to the skill element, because I was outclassed in terms of skill and experience by a lot of my competitors on the world scene, but that aggression,” he reflected.

“That will was something that couldn’t be denied. Then as you get more experience you try to develop as a rounded athlete. But ultimately, you can’t take your eye off the factor of what got you to where you are which is, as you said, that aggressiveness.”

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