Transcript Of A Soldier’s Account Of The Guards Brigade Ambush in Bwari

Amidst tthe blizzard of conspiracy theories unleashed by fifth columnists on the Brigade of Guards ambush in Bwari, a soldier who was part of the ambushed unit gave an on-the-spot account.

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No bi small matter o. No bi small matter. Di issue bi say dem write one school of la wen dey dis Bwari/Kwai road. There is one particular law school there. They wrote the school that they are coming to attack the school. So the moment they received the letter, they info our battalion, which is the Guard’s Brigade. We went there and we started all round defence deployment.

We were now contemplating that these people that said they were coming to school of law, they might have plan B to attack other places. So we now look for a nearest prominent target that they might come for as well. That happens to be one Veritas University very close to that place, like 3.2 kilometre away. So we went there to execute all-defence as well.

We’ve been there for over two weeks now before this attack came up on Sunday. So we were there, we were there,so in the night, they normally observe some torch light in the bush at that Veritas University. We were like ah ah, who are these people in the bush. We asked the security people in the school, Is this how you normally observe torch lights, they said no. Ok to.

So when the day break, we had to advance into the bush. It was on Sunday. I went there myself. Do you get it? I was there. When we got there, we saw where they were smoking. We saw where they kill goat, they eat. We saw their tramol. That was when we discovered that these people were there.

We now reinforced. We called for reinforcements, for backup. They brought APC, they brought gun truck, they brought artillery team. So we now advanced into the bush. We are talking about on Sunday, this previous Sunday. So, we advanced, we advanced, searching for them. So we now got to a place there is water and some rocks there and the gun truck cannot channel through that particular route, so we have to park them. That was why we had casualty, to be sincere with you.

We parked the AA, we parked the jeep MG, we parked the gun truck because they cannot advance. We only went into the bush with our riffles alone, the AK 47 we were all carrying. That’s all. Even, we didn’t even carry RPG. I’m telling you the simple truth, thinking that they might just a pocket of enemy. Do you get it? That they might not be more than 20, 30 or thereabouts, something like that.

So the moment we went into the bush, they’ve seen us from a very long distance, w, we have not seen them. So they now laid down. They laid ambush for us, waiting for us to come and penetrate. They flanked us from left and right. So the moment we got to their AOR like this, they, eoh, ooh, (hisses, apparently overcome by emotions).

My brother, it’s a long story. They engaged us. They engaged us, engaged us, as in, they really, really nagged us. We lost four soldiers in my own unit. It was three units that went there o. 177 and 102 from Keffi, including my own unit, 7th Guards Battalion. They dislodged us because they’re fully prepared. They shelled mortal, their IUD, explosive devices, they shelled it but we still managed and tried and killed almost twelve of them. We killed almost twelve of them.

They succeeded in killing one Captain, one Lieutenant and two soldiers in my unit. And the rest units, I think they lost one, one soldier. 177 lost one soldier and Keffi, which is 102,lost one soldier as well. That is, we engaged them to some extent. That’s the situation.

But for now, we have been dislodging them since that day, reinforcement, in short, I don’t think none of them is in that bush again. They all went through this Kaduna route because we follow them, no bi small attack o. E follow dem bombard that place. All those place wen gun truck no fit follow, we go carry the gun trucks, go turn, go meet dem. As I’m talking to you now I’m in General Hospital, I mean, National Hospital rather. I just bless God for everything. So that’s it. It’s not that they have the might to face soldier, they knew that we were outside, a reason they could not come outside. They knew we were outside. Do you get it? They will never come outside.

Had it been thee was no soldier in that school of law, they ought to have scattered that school a very long time but they have to wait because they knew soldiers were outside and we mount there like it is our barrack o…possess the road of the school o, duty, we turned it to duty, ten, temp soldiers there everyday with rifles and gun trucks. That was how we were doing it till this very moment before we now say let’s even advance since we’ve seen the torchlight, let’s even advance and see them and clean them out. But because they knew we were coming as well, they readied and they did their worst….That’s the situation

Aside from what I explained, if you hear anything else, it’s a lie. Everybody is just gathering information to say many many things that is not real on social media. I just explain the whole situation to you, the whole situation as I’m talking to you. As I’m talking to you, I’m in National Hospital and they are communicating with me because I’m with some soldiers here as well that are injured. So that is it. You guys should just be helping us in prayers. At least, be helping us in prayers, just in prayers. May God help us all.

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