No More Visa for Nigerians

*Angst Over Eiye/Aiye Cult Clashes in Dubai, Sharjah

Authorities of the United Arab Emirates, UAE, have announced a visa suspension for Nigerians over cults clashes involving members of the Eiye and Aiye confraternities which took place last wee.

The clashe which took place in Sharjah and trended on the social media last week, saw elements of both cult group chasing themselves with machetes while yelling obscenities in an apartment parking lot. They also damaged public properties in the process.

Ahough no official statement has been issued on the suspension, the Peoples Gazette say a number of travel agencies and Dubai residents have confirmed the development. According to the news medium, a resident disclosed that curfew is already in place for all male Africans living in the region.

It would be recalled that following the clash, the Emirati police issued a statement in which it said the suspects are of African origin, adding that a criminal case has been registered against the suspects, all of whom, the statement said, will be referred to the public prosecution for further action. It warned residents against engaging in violence.

“The Dubai Police has arrested a group of people, who were engaged in a heated argument in their residence at late hours) The group of African people appeared in a viral video on social media platforms while fighting in a public place and damaging properties,” the statement read. 

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