We’ve Got A Date-Israel Adesanya on Showdown With Alex Pereira

UFC enthusiasts who are eager for a smack-down between Middleweight champion, Adesanya, StyleBender, Adesanya and magnificent fighter Alex Pereira may not have long to wait before the mouth watering showdown takes place. Tha is if the statement of the Nigerian born, New Zealand fighter, on his Izzy’s FREE StyleBender YouTube handle, is anything to hold.

Israel, who had a successful but lack lustre defense of his title in UFC 276 on July 2, says the fight will be sooner than later but without any indication of the date.

Expectedly, the Octagon will be the venue.

“Yes. When do I want it? We’ve got a date. We’ve already sussed it out. We’re already planning. We’re sussed with it,” he said.

Adesanya also used the moment to talk about his below element performance against Jared Cannonier. Practically in agreement with the position of many pundits that his performance was below par, the UFC fighter acquiesce that indeed, he could have done better.

“For me, I’m like, I just know I could have put him away in spectacular fashion,” Adesanya said in the same interview. “And it’s just like ‘f—k!’ It’s not even about people, but I hate eating my own words. I’m like ‘F—k!’ I won the fight, it was a good fight, I just hate, ‘Uuugh, I could have done better.’ And I did, I put everything I could, but I could have done better.”

Pundits are of the view that Adesanya would have to up the game against Pereira who not only had a brilliant night in UFC 276 by dismissing his opponent via a Knockout, the latter also has history on his side with two kickboxing win over Adesanya. While one of the wins was via a decision, the last was a Knockout over which Israel required the help of an oxygen mask to wake up.

Pereira himself referred to the point on his post UFC 276 victory.

“He’s going to have to look better next time. If he looks like that, it’s no good. He’s been watching my development. He knows I’m dangerous, he knows the risk he would be taking. He will have to look better, for sure. He’ll look better and I’ll make him get the fans thrilled.”

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