I’m Done Negotiating With ISWAP-Abuja/Kaduna Train Negotiator

*Alludes to Official Indifference and Threat to Life

Lead negotiator between the Federal Government and the terrorists allegedly responsibly for the Abuja/Kaduna train attack, Tukur Mamu, has announced that he is withdrawing from further acting as liaison between the parties.
“As a result of my engagement they gave us an opportunity to respond to their demands, but we failed to do so on four different occasions which resulted in the recent threat.”

Mamu, who also disclosed that the same ISWAP, responsible for the Abuja/Kaduna train attack conducted the Kuje Correctional Centre break-in, blamed federal government’s inaction for his decision, made via a statement on Wednesday.

The attack on Kuje prison, he said, is a vindication of his earlier advice to the authorities as, according to him, the incident would have been averted if relevant security stakeholders have sufficiently acted to some intelligence reports he shared with both the government and the security agencies before the Kuje prison attack. 

“…it was after the failure of the fourth opportunity that they angrily issued the fresh threat to start slaughtering their victims yesterday, Tuesday. After much pleading with them, I tolerated abuses and begged them to allow individual family members to contact them directly.”

“they gave today, Wednesday, 6th July, that if there is nothing definite from family members they will start executing their threat. 

“I immediately passed this disturbing intelligence to all the relevant security agencies, the National Assembly leadership and other stakeholders. But sadly as of today, Wednesday, which is the deadline they gave, there is no word from anybody. 

Mamu added however, that he has sent words to the attackers to reconsider their deadline.

“I have nevertheless sent words to them to reconsider their threat and allow family members to reach out to them.”

Mamu, publisher of the Desert Herald and spokesperson for Sheikh Gumi, disclosed that the terrorist group requested the release of 51 of its members and threats to attack targets and gave subtle indication of their desire to attack other facilities of interest like the Kuje Correctional Centre. He stressed however, that he was able to scale the number down through negotiation, to only 10 and communicate his findings, with audio, back to the relevant authorities, including the committee set up by Chief of Defence Staff, Lt Gen Lucky Irabor. 

“I have shared that intelligence with the security agencies and the committee that was constituted by CDS Gen. Lucky Irabor.

“I can confirm without doubt that the Kuje Correctional Centre attack was executed and coordinated by the same group that attacked the Abuja-Kaduna bound train, because they gave indications of imminent attacks to that effect, which I shared.” 

According to him, the ongoing security issues are mainly as a result of the delay in getting precise feedback.

“Now they have not only succeeded in carrying out another successful attack that indicts the nature of our intelligence and capacity to respond promptly but has also succeeded in releasing dozens of their members which would have been averted if action has been taken to give them only 10 and secure the release of the train victims,” he lamented.

Mamu pointed out that he is withdrawing completely from further interaction with the terror group due mainly to what he described as “…current sad development at the highest official level of government.” He also cites threats to his as the other underlying reason.

“…with the current sad development at the highest official level of government, I am formally announcing my withdrawal completely from this service and to announce to the world that my life is also being threatened.”

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