You Can Leave But-Man Utd to Ronaldo

Premiership frontline club, Manchester United, has agreed to Cristiano Ronaldo’s request not to be part of the team next season. The club insists however, it is on the condition he goes far from any club anywhere in the premiership.

Man Utd nitially insisted that the 37-year-old was not for sale following which the club ordered him to report for training and preparations for onward preseason tours.

But the star play refused to turn up for training, announcing instead on Saturday his desire to continue his career outside Old Trafford. His insistence to be set free is obviously coming from the club’s failure to win any trophy last season, in addition to missing out on the European football scene where the Portuguese international’s interest lies.

It is likely tha Old Trafford conceded to his request having realised it may be counterproductive keeping him. After all, offers for him will come handy in securing more players for the club.

Ironically, Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, is reported to have held discreet talks with Chelsea as the Blues appear very keen to have him join the Bridge. But the Old Trafford caveat effectively put the clamps on such would-be interest from Stanford Bridge. As far as Old Trafford is concerned, he will not be released if the only offer comes from within the Premier League.

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