Congratulations to You-Undertaker To Adesanya

Mark William Callaway, better known as ‘The Undertaker’, has congratulated UFC Middleweight champion, Israel ‘StyleBender’ Adesanya over his successful defense of his title against Jared Cannonier. The Undertaker was even more effusive about Adesanya’s decision to adopt his esoteric entrance music theme on the night of UFC 276.

“The long walk many opponents know and fear … congrats @stylebender!” The Undertaker said afterwards in a big compliment tweet.

Like the Undertaker, Adesanya walked slowly but methodically into the arena carrying an urn on which his opponent’s name was inscribed, reminiscent of the eerie Undertaker entrance for all his WWW fights. Wearing a black wide brim cap the Undertaker’s trademark trench coat, Adesanya had a stage suffused in purple lighting, jingling bells and shrill whistling, with Jim Johnston’s dead man son playing in the background to complete the esoteric ambience.

“I thought it was great! He’s not only a great fighter, he’s an awesome entertainer as well!” The Undertaker added.

How did the Last Style Bender come about the iconic dead man walk? Hear him.

“That came to me last Tuesday. During my workouts with my team, I normally have WWE ‘Attitude Era’ theme music playing. So this made sense for me. The whole UFC production helped bring my vision to life.

“I wanted to put him in the dirt,” Adesanya said. “Jared is a tough opponent, a zombie you can’t put away. Funny enough, Vince McMahon and Triple H from WWE were in the front row.”

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