Israel Jars Cannonier to Win Unanimous Decision

*Calls Out Next Opponent Who Delivered A Massive Knockout Statement

Prior to this early morning (Nigerian time) punch up between Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier, pundits gave it a 410/290 odds in favour of the Nigerian born New Zealander. Though the fight didn’t exactly end in any decisive stoppage to reflect the verdict, the three judges on ground found no difficulty in making it clear Cannonier wasn’t much of a match for the Last Style Bender. So, the UFC 276 ended with another win for the sleek champion.

Israel walked into the arena flaunting his usual confident mien, this time however, he came carrying an urn similar to that of the enigmatic and inimitable Undertaker, to whom he paid tribute. He then went on to make a territorial statement by going down on all four, crawling to one corner of the cage like a dog, sniffing same before raising his leg to mimic a pee at it.

In the fight proper, Cannonier turned out unable to lay a glove on Adesanya. Beyond struggling to find range with a few low kicks but getting piston-like jabs in return, the challenger gave no trouble to the champion who appeared completely unfazed.

‘Get right into the job’, Adesanya appeared to have passed to his challenger in the second round when he, perhaps inadvertently, poked his Cannonier in the eye. Overall, the round was flawless for the champion just as it saw his challenger getting too slow without showing any of his vaunted technical flair.

Probably propped by his corner to take the fight to Adesanya, Cannonier attempted to ram the champion into takedown, something he was never able to accomplish as the champion kept his domination hold through the rounds to cruise to retaining his title at the sound of the final buzzer.

Obviously, Adesanya wasn’t able signpost his victory with a decisive stoppage but he sure ended the night a victor, enough for him to call out to his probable next opponent, Alex Pereira, to get ready. Uniquely, Pereira delivered an ominous knockout message in his encounter for the night, knocking his opponent his silly to grab a very inspiring KO.

“The first time I had you on skates, next time I’ll have you Frozen, like Elsa’, says Adesanya as he hypes up a fight with Alex Pereira, that’s the obvious next move,” he called out to Pereira.

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