UFC 276: IS Cannonier Adesanya’s Waterloo?

With the MMA Middleweight title holder, Nigeria born New Zealanders, Israel Adesanya, and his Texas, US born Jared Cannonier, parading some very intimidating resumes, predicting the clear winner of today’s UFC 276 match-up remains a tricky puzzle for pundits. The facts below tells the story.

Adesanya comes into the fray at 32, weighing 185lbs. He has a reach of 80″and stands tall at 6.4″. With 22 fights overall, the young man better known as the Last Style Bender, has notched up 22-1 MMA and 11-1 UFC fights, netting a decision win over Robert Whittaker in his last brawl in February.

Coming from New Zealand’s City Kickboxing camp, Adesanya is noted for his striking style which he combines well with a near flawless kickboxing ability. That is in addition to his very good risk management ability.

Among others, he is very versatile in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, consistent in pace, pressure and knockoutout powers having scored 15 KOs, out of which 7 were within round number 1.

Yet, the New Zealander has a near patent for startling feints, footworks, creative striking flow that variates well with body while fishing out his very fluid kicking repertoire.

Over the years, he has managed to shore up his counter wrestling ability, muscle up his underhooks, getups and off tangles with an active, attacking guard game.

Cannonier, on the other hand, is no push over, coming at 38 with 15-5 MMA and 8-5 UFC. Standing at 5’11” and weighing 185 lbs, the American has a reach of 77.5″ all of which come short if calculated as shortcomings. But recording a TKO win over Derek Brunson in his last fight also in February 2022, every opponent would do well to be on the lookout for a TNT waiting for a detonator. To that extent, he may turn out to become Israel Waterloo. The Last Style Bender had better be careful not being the one to pull out the pin.

Cannonier, backed by MMA Lab camp, Arizona, also comes with as much striking style, switch-stance and kickboxing abilities as Adesanya just as his risk management is as good. He’s got admirable 10 KO credentials, two submission wins with 7 first-round finishes.

Cannonier has aggressive pace and pressure with an improved counter attack ability, prepped up with dangerous hooks, uppercuts, strong leg kicks, incredibly strong inside the clinch and he is as good a wrestler there is.

Defensively and offensively suave, Cannonier has demonstrated improved getups and scrambles and can work efficiently from topside and can be relied on as a good pound for pound. You don’t mess with a fighter with such abilities.
The highpoint of the UFC 276 encounter is that it is a showdown between two very versatile and experienced fighters who are ready and willing to play the roulette game with fire.

Though pundits and fans list Adesanya as 410/290 over Cannonier, whoever emerges as victor between the champion, a cunning martial arts protege with power on the big state, and his hard-hitting opponent, will be worth the trouble for both pundits and UFC buffs alike.

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