R. Kelly Bags 30 Year in Jail

Talented R&B singer, Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R Kelly, has been sentenced to a 30 year jail term for luring underaged girls Into sex. The sentence was announced in Brooklyn on Wednesday marking the culmination of a downhill slide from being a super musical hit maker to a disgraced largely abandoned sex offender.

Following his conviction for years of psychological and sexual abuse, Kelly, 55, is almost certain to live much of the rest of his life a jailed bird. He was charged under the Mann Act with racketeering and violating a sex trafficking law.

The once famous R&B star escaped criminal penalties despite decades of sexual misconduct allegations. While explaining his reaction to the sentence, his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, noted that the former music star was prepared for his sentencing, insisting however, that he is not a sex predator.

“He’s not a predator. He was prepared for it. He has regrets and he is sad. He disagrees with the characterizations that have been made about him,” Bonjean said.

The trial judge, Ann M. Donnelly, who spent time detailing instances of Kelly’s abuse and violence as brought up during the trial, addressed him directly about what he did to his victims, insisting that she would still have imposed the sentence regardless of the guidelines.

“I would have imposed regardless of the guidelines. These crimes were calculated and carefully planned and regularly executed for almost 25 years. You taught them that love is enslavement and violence. The public has to be protected from behaviors like this,” the judge said.

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