In Their Trenches

In Their Trenches

Everybody was in the trench
Those who fought were in it
Those who fret were in it
Even those who frolicked were in it
So many trenches they were in

“We were in the trenches…”
Hell, you were in the trenches
In your oversea hotel rooms and cossy homes
Where you ogled on bouncy bums and sumptuous buffets with sweat-sourced philanthropic funds
Yes you were in trenches…between amorous legs

“We were in the trenches…”
That’s your new entitlement ticket
For the spoils of our commonwealth
Earned from our sweats
Begotten of our deaths

And the people clapped and howled
Fooled into singing praise songs for dogs in place of their true heroes
Because you said you were in the trenches
They can’t contain their joy for you, for your sacrifice
Yeilding putrid yells like the Roman crowd
Because you said you were in the trenches for them

“We were in the trenches…,” you said
Held hostage for the course
For their course
For our course
Yes you were in the trenches

But what about those who were deprived of their homes?
How about those who were held captives in the fouled, cold and lonely labyrinths of our country’s far-flung jail homes?
What about those who were jailed for life?
Where were those whose children recoiled in fright
At the sight of frail, scare-crow figures that emerged from gulags as their fathers?

They were not in trenches at all
Not with you
They were mere mortal collaterals
For the rest of us

Ernest Omoarelojie
June 9, 2022

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