We Now Have High Grade Lithium Mineral in Nigeria-NGSA

*Anomolous Gold, Lead, Silver and Tungsten Too

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, NGSA, has disclosed that the country now has a very critical high grade lithium among its vast natural resources.

Lithium is an element valuable for the production of glass, aluminium products, batteries that recharge mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and electric vehicles.

Director General of NGSA, Dr Abdulrazaq Garba, who made the disclosure in Abuja on Monday while briefing newsmen about the agency’s mineral exploration activities, added that investors are already showing a willingness to invest humungous amount of money to prospect it.

Nigeria lithium is hot cake now,  the mineral was discovered in Kwara by National Integrated Mineral Exploration Project (NIMEP) during exploration and we did investigation and came up with analysis and discovered that Nigeria lithium is of high grade.

Garba explained that the remarkable quality of the mineral became evident when, against the 0.4 per cent lithium oxide exploration and mining standard, it had between 1% and 13% lithium oxide content.

High grade in the sense that the standard worldwide for even exploration and mining starts from 0.4 per cent lithium oxide but when we started exploration and mining, we saw one per cent up to 13 per cent lithium oxide content.

He added that it also had a added the advantage of being a hard rock which really excites investors. According to him, discussions have been held with certain licensed private mining outfits in the country who have concluded tests on it. The agency, he noted, is equally collaborating with Canada on the test too.

Another advantage of Nigeria lithium is hard rock lithium found and that is what investors are looking out for worldwide.
“We even heard discussion with some private companies with mining licences in Nigeria and they conducted test on the lithium and we also collaborated with Canada on that too
,” he said.

Garba noted that all data received from NIMEP, the hallmark project that provides reliable geo-sciences information needed by investors to make the right mining investment decisions in Nigeria, were quite exciting and would boost the economy.

According to him, the survey revealed an almost two to 10 km mineralization track close to Abuja over which resource evaluation was conducted and anomolous gold, lead, silver were discovered alongside Tungsten.

Gold mineralisation found there has high content of tungsten which is used as an additive exploration of steel,  therefore, any company mining there will be mining gold associated with lead, silver and tungsten, he disclosed.

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