We’re Willing to Return Your Looted Funds-Jersey Government to Nigeria

The Nigeria government has recorded another breakthrough in its quest to recoup all stolen funds stashed out of the country by thriving officials. The latest in the breakthrough is the announcement by the government of Jersey Island that it is willing to repatriate about £2m forefeited to Nigeria by former Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen. Jeremiah Useni.

Useni turned politician, agreed to forfeit the said amount to the country following a 2020 agreement with regards to recovered funds linked to the Abacha regime. Useni reportedly transferred the money into the island’s Standard Chartered Bank accounts between the 1980s and 1990s using a false identity.

Jersey authorities’ decision to cooperate with Nigeria on the return of the looted funds was made on Thursday by the Royal Court which also ordered the forfeiture of the funds totalling £1.9 million. The statement announcing the decision also added that the process would follow all existing framework on return of such funds.

“I will explore with the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria how to return these forfeited assets to the people of Nigeria,” Jersey’s Attorney General, Mark Temple, said in a statement on the government’s website.

“However, there is an existing framework for the return of funds to Nigeria linked to the Abacha regime which was successfully established with the Governments of Nigeria and the United States in relation to the return of over US$300 million of the assets of Doraville Properties Corporation.”

Jersey, the largest and southernmost of the Channel Islands on the English Coast, is a British Crown Dependency. It lies about 19 km west of the Cotentin Peninsula of France while its capital, St. Helier, is about 160km south of Weymouth, England. It has a population of about 109,300 according to the 2021 estimate.

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