Stay Away From Our Cars-Ferrari Tells Justin Bieber

APPARENTLY fed up with Justin Bieber’s recent attitude around its super vehicle, Italian car makers, Ferrari, has told international music super star, Justin Bieber, to stay away from its cars.

The car manufacturer gave the warning following the singer’s behaviour around his Ferrari 451 which he acquired in 2015 as part of his collection.

Bieber, notorious for being one of pop music’s enfant terrible in the past, is obviously neither done with his old ways nor lost his flair for controversy hence Ferrari, noted for its desire for its brand owners to maintain certain principles, including ‘appropriate behavior behind the wheels,’ is no longer keen on having Bieber as one of its customers being unwilling to have more of his unfolding bad behaviors around its cars.

Notably, Ferrari does not take kindly to the manner Bieber reportedly parked his car, left it for two weeks and later forgot where he parked it until a member of his staff managed to track it down. In addition, the auto manufacturer is not happy with its brand owners changing the appearance of its cars.

Bieber is not only reported to have changed the colour of his car, he also auctioned it off hence Ferrari decided to veto any future purchase by the music star.

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