Enugu Prison Boss Heads Drug Smuggling Cartel

*Smuggles In Sacks Of Cannabis, Alcohol, Mobile Phones For Inmates

Online news medium, SaharaReporters, has reported that head of Enugu Correctional Centre, Madumere Felix Chinedu, currently supervises a complicated drug smuggling activities into the facility for inmates.
Chinedu, who is Deputy Controller of Corrections, co-opted other officers of the Maximum Security Custodial Centre, including junior and senior prison officials to run a thriving notorious cartel that specializes in smuggling several banned items, ‘especially hard drugs into the facility for inmates.’
The online medium specifically cited the presence of three trucks allegedly filled with Cannabis, alcohol, mobile phones and other prohibited substances on March 14, 2022, which were smuggled into the facility by the gang for use by inmates under the watchful eyes of Chinedu.

The report added that in return, the gang rakes in ‘…a decent amount of money and many other benefits following the success of the ‘operation’.

Activities of the cartel was said to be descrete but allegedly went out control when Chinedu was posted to the place as head of the facility since September 2021 after which he took control and has since been ‘…presiding over and coordinating all smuggling of banned items into the centre for inmates against civil service rules.’

Smuggling of banned items is now a norm in Enugu Custodial Centre. The smuggling of items such as Cannabis Sativa, alcohol and other intoxicating substances into prison for inmates is mostly carried out by the rank and file who are acting under the instruction and directives of superior officers in the custodial centre.

 “The frequency of this act became more prevalent since the new officer in charge was posted to the custodial centre in September 2021.

 “The new officer in charge of the Enugu Custodial Centre during his early period of administration behaved like a saint initially towards the negative activities going on within the prison.

 “After few months of being in charge of the facility, he conspired with the inmates and other superior officers to smuggle in banned items into the centre in three trucks for sale to them.

 “He has gone as far as bribing superior officers in charge of the custodial centre’s intelligence, even up to the national headquarters,” a source said.

 As part of plans to ensure that no one else outsmarts him, Chinedu allegedly ensured that anyone that challenges him is implicated in some dubious act, thus pushing such prison official into troubles with the inmates. The report cited an instance in which a junior officer of the facility, an Assistant Inspector of Corrections, Ifeoma Osmond, was on March 18, 2022, implicated by DCC Chinedu for dealing in hard drugs and subsequently arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.

 Until then, Osmond was one of Chinedu’s most trusted lieutenants in the illicit business. He however, felt threatened by Osmond’s rising profile hence the plot to frame and get him out of the way.

 “The recent act of smuggling that occurred at Enugu Prison where an official who is working for the officer in charge to bring in trucks of contrabands into the place was framed by the same person for trying to smuggle in the remaining Cannabis Sativa they brought in a few days before that period.

 “He was set up, arrested and transferred to the NDLEA without being tried departmentally, which is the right thing to have done as a regimental agency.

 “The officer in charge of Enugu Custodial Centre and his lieutenants are the ones who should be under NDLEA investigation, not AIC Ifeoma Osmond, who they framed and used as a sacrificial lamb for the evil they are committing at the place,” another source disclosed.

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