A Tempest’s Farewell Slap on an Outgoing First Lady

By Ernest Omoarelojie

The trending video did not capture the entire scene. In the main, it sadly did not capture the heart of the matter, the valedictory slap allegedly delivered by the rather stunningly beautiful, ex beauty queen, Mrs Bianca Ojukwu, wife of former Biafran War lord, Eze N’di Igbo Gburugburu, late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, on the alluring face of outgoing Anambra state First Lady, Dame Ebelechukwu Obiano.

But eye witnesses swore it was well aimed and delivered wam-bang, bare-faced monster slap that effortlessly yanked snapped off the former Governor wife’s ‘Gele’ and permanently shifted media attention from Prof Chukwuma Soludo’s swearing-in ceremony into a one sided slapping show. Essentially, it was a farewell slap for an outgoing First Lady.

The trending video captured a sea of people swirling around two individuals-one, Mrs Obiano, visibly still spoiling for a fight, retaliatory slap perhaps, groveling her long disheveled hair back and forth, in an attempt to put it back into shape. But the crowd around her eventually succeeded in guideding and shovelling her round to her reserved seat upfront, not before se threw a last, seemingly tarty jibe at her more calm opponent.

“Ashewo,” she yelled, dropping on her seat.

At the other end stood Mrs Ojukwu, poised for further delivery, if opportune. An unidentified man helding tightly to her, a white robed, Reverend gentleman closeby.

Eye witnesses say, Mrs Obiano, in her usual style, came late to the venue of the event. Arising therefrom, the new guards at gate refused to let in her convoy of cars despite her insistence. Eventually, she succumbed and had to walk her way to the venue where dignitaries were already seated.

Rather than quietly take her seat as she did initially, she moved to where the fiery ex beauty queen sat. Right there, she demanded to know why the former warlord’s wife was in an event organized by the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, having previously and publicly denounced the party.

Never known to be brow-beaten, Bianca reportedly told her that it was a party her late husband founded, one to which she has a membership right of first refusal particularly now that she was invited, anyway. One heated word after another and she delivered the fiery signature slap.

From all imaginable point of view, the ugly incident between the two frontline Anambra women ought not to have taken place at all. If nothing else, it is simply an inglorious reflection of the decadence in some of our homes. And it is a sad commentary on the manner parents now raise their children, now counting as normal an obvious display of uncontrolled madness. Little wonder our homes have become incubation grounds for characters bereft of the right morals. It would be interesting indeed to know what both women’s take would be if their children were the ones involved in the fracas in an event that was meant to celebrate and usher in a new political era in the life of a state they both have high stakes. It is a crying shame.

Generally, it is really difficult understanding why both women discarded decorum. Just as one is hard-put fathoming the seeming indecorous arrogance of the former First Lady, one is equally at a loss over why age has not affected Mrs Ojukwu’s tempestuous and pugnacious disposition. Both of them failed miserably in establishing any hold on women’s avowed home building responsibility.

In particular, the case with Mrs Obiano is pathetic. As First Lady and mother of the state, the onus is on her to be openly exemplary in conduct, something everyone else is expected to take a cue from. By descending as low as to provoke a fight, she has betrayed that responsibility. Indeed, those who know her say it is typically her nature to be on the unruly side, thereby bringing her husband to disrepute. They cite several instances, one of which took place in an official event at the Women Centre, Awka.

According to eye witness account, Mrs Obiano arrived the event in which the Governor was already giving his speech. Whereas protocol demands that whoever must come in at the point must use the more discrete side doors, she insisted on having the locked front door opened for her. To ensure that she has her way, she started banging at the door to the embarrassment of everyone else until it was opened for her to come in. That she repeated the same act at the swearing-in event was together not unexpected.

As First Lady, one cannot comprehend how Mrs Obiano lost sight of the fact that it is incumbent on her to be decorous and exemplary in conduct at all time. That she failed to exhibit a conduct befitting the status is a testimony of the kind of wife and mother she is. To even imagine that she has been penned down as the next Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District makes the matter even more ludicrous. There must be better characters. That is given how one APGA chieftain puts it. ‘Her quest is dead on arrival,” he said.

Mrs Ojukwu, on the other hand, is no less guilty. She is described as a tempest only her late husband could tame. And those who know her easily recall her days in the University where she allegedly did the unthinkable. With the benefit of age, one would have expected that she has taken control of her seeming vile temperament. Obviously, she hasn’t. That is certainly not good for a mother and role model. Her conduct makes one wonder about the lessons she wants younger generation to take away from her. Hers is also a sad commentary on decorum and motherhood.

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