I Have Less Than 5 Years To Live-Kemi Afolabi

One of Nigeria’s very popular Nollywood actresses, Kemi Afolabi, has revealed that she has less than five years before taking her last breath.

Afolabi, a star of the Yoruba movie genre, made the disclosure on Friday while revealing that she has been battling lupus, which was diagnosed barely a year ago.

Online news platform, Gatekeepers News, reports that she was diagnosed of the ailment nearly a year ago during which her personal physician told her that she has just about half a decade to live. According to the platform, even though she is on medication for the rest of her life, she is however, not sure of what is remaining of her five years.

“I have lupus. It’s not curable. I just have to take medications for the rest of my life,” she is reported to have said.

The news platform also reports the actress stressing that the illness has taken a huge chunk of her resources, a reason why she had to sell some of her properties in order to get proper medical care.

“Make sure you are with your loved ones. At least, you still have up to five years to live,” the platform reported the actress as quoting her physician.

Lupus is an incurable inflammatory disease that pitches an individual’s immune system against its own tissues with effects manifest on the skin, kidney, blood cells, joints, lungs and heart.

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