Ronaldo’s Crotch Is Wearing Out

FOR most tourists Portugal, Chistiano Ronaldo’s statue is often a must-see. Sculptored by Ricardo Veloza, the bronze image of one of football’s most iconic ambassadors is located in his hometown, Funchal, one of the islands on the Portuguese Madeira archipelago.

Erected in 2014, the huge image came with some equally gigantic features that appeared to be the central focus of the number of those who visit the island regularly. Of particular interest is his more-than-average crotch which they find engaging and have since touched, grabbed, rubbed and fondled to a point it is wearing out fast.

That is, if reports by Daily Star, which say the attraction to his penis area has resulted in that portion thinning and wearing out due to years of constant grabbing, fondling, touching and rubbing from his besotted followers.

The result is that the burge is now shinier than any other part of the statue, a development experts adduced to the bronze material coming in constant contact with oil in humans as it is the case with many famous bronze statues.

In the case with Ronaldo’s, the crotch, which is the most touched portion, has now assumed a glossier, shinier and worn out appearance over the year. That’s because the position of the bulb-like crotch in the 3.4 metre tall statue, is at the right height for picture-loving visitors hence thousands ended up grabbing and rubbing the same spot over and again, over the years.

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