Osinbajo Set to Announce Presidential Bid after APC Convention

ARRANGEMENTS have been concluded for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to make an official declaration of his presidential ambition. This was made known at the weekend by a number of reliable party sources who said the declaration will take place shortly after the All Progressives Congress, APC, national convention, scheduled for Saturday, February 26.

The declaration, which is coming after an extensive consultation with stakeholders, will finally put paid to rumours to the contrary particularly by certain southwest interests.

Take it to the bank, he will run and he is declaring soon after the APC convention. All is set, including premium consultations already done. The coast is clear and the journey is looking good. I believe prof is also motivated by the increasing level of support from across the country, especially, the youths of this country.

From the north to the south, tell me where he has visited recently and the charge has not been that he should contest? He has capacity, competence and knows what the issues are. Importantly, he can also sell them, I mean the issues. So, why will he not run? Why should the bitterness and envy of some minions stifle him?”

According to one of the sources, the Vice President is unmoved by the litany of betrayal accusations levelled against him in certain quarters or indeed the call for him to stand down his ambition for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He assured however, that like the typical perfect gentleman that the Vice President is, he has called on his supporters ‘never to talk down on Tinubu or engage in a mud fight with his support groups’.

In fact, none of such bothers him. But he has done one thing though, he has called his supporters and pleaded with them never to talk down on Tinubu or engage in a mud fight with his support groups, even in the face of obvious provocation.”

Prof Osinbajo has kept silent about calls for him to officially announce his ambition to succeed his principal, incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari. However, he has been holding high level consultations with prominent Nigerians, all of whom have encouraged him to go ahead with ‘his best shot possible’.

“He is contesting and would declare after the APC convention. I am aware of that. There’s actually no stopping him. The supports have been sweeping and encouraging and for him, this opportunity might just be once and might never come his way again. Sincerely, he has nothing to lose throwing his hat in the ring. After all, he is already a frontline aspirant.”

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