Australian Open: It’s Rafael!

*Mends Medvedev 2-6,6-7,6-4,6-4,7-5 in a 5-Hour Thriller

COMING from two sets down, Rafael Nadal turned the table and heat on Danii Medvedev in a 5-hour thriller to lift the 2022 Australian title on Sunday, his 21st Gram Slam title and one above his closest rivals, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Rafael’s victory is his second Australian Open title, a more fulfilling outcome as it came years after the first.

The contest began with Medvedev taking control of the first set 6-2, in slightly over 40 minutes. It was a set that saw the Spaniard looking a little fazed as Medvedev took over the baseline with his strong serves.

Rafael however, took control in the second set, winning a break point in Game 4. But then he flopped, allowing his Russian foe to rally back in game 7.

Though Rafael Nadal rode back into another break in the next game, it was Medvedev who came tops having upped his game to break Nadal back to even the scores at 5-5, going ahead to garner a 2-0 lead and closing it at 7-6.

The 3rd set had both the Spaniard and Russian holding their services in the third set. That was until the game 8 when Nadal literally pulled the trigger, breaking Medvedev in the next and then unleashing his experience arsenal to take third set 6-4, making it 1-2.

Rafael’s experience as a Grand Slam veteran with 20 titles in his trophy cabinet came to the fore again when he grabbed the fourth set having broken Medvedev in Game 3.

Though Danii returned the favour in the next game to draw level, it was Nadal who broke back in the subsequent set to rap up it up at 6-4, making it 2-2 to force a deciding 5th set.

Again, both players held their respective serves until game 5 when Nadal broke Medvedev’s serve in the final set.

Yes, Medvedev broke back again but it was Nadal who had the last break, holding on to win the match to set his name on marbles as the highest Grang Slam, men’s single, champion.

One of the most emotional matches of my career and to share it with you is an honour,” Nadal to Medvedev.

A stunned Medvedev acknowledged his rival’s warm words but wondered about his boundless energy.

Are you even tired?”- Medvedev wondered at the old horse.

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