Only Leaders Not Inspired by Personal Profit Can Bring about National Transformation-Osinbajo

VICE President Yemi Osinbajo has stated that overcoming the country’s countless problems is possible only when the country is led by those who are not inspired by personal profit.

He made the statement in Abuja while speaking in Abuja at the 1st Annual General Assembly of Catholics in Politics and Catholic Business Leaders.

Vice President Osinbajo, who reiterated the need for servant leadership and transformational leadership at different levels in society, pointed out that only such selfless leadership can bring about the desired national transformation in the country for the common good.

“History teaches us that everywhere there has been a national transformation, it has been brought about by public-spirited men and women of goodwill who, inspired by their belief in a higher purpose other than their own profit, have entered the public square to champion the common good.”

According to the Vice President, transformational leadership, particularly in a multi-ethnic and multi-faceted country like Nigeria, is required in all the country’s strata of government in order for the nation to experience unity, justice fairness and people-oriented development. According to him,

Building credible institutions of justice, the rule of law and orderly society are crucial expressions of the pursuit of the common good.

Only the harnessing of all the forces for the common good, in true respect of the supreme values of the spirit, will make a nation great and a happy dwelling place for its people,” he said.

While still highlighting on the imperative of the need for a transformational leadership as a critical element to national life, the VP noted that such leadership would spur positive changes across all sectors and spheres of society.

The purpose of power is service, not domination; it is to uplift and empower others rather than to control or oppress. This is a model of leadership that is inseparable from our conception of the common good.

Transformational leadership is, therefore, the pursuit of the common good. But the pursuit of the common good itself is not as easy as it sounds. This is especially so where the wounds and enmities of ethnic and religious conflicts are deep.

The common type of leadership will seek the path of relevance and popularity within their own ethnic or religious camps by seeking only the good of their own. The servant-leader will serve his people by emphasising the letter and spirit of the gospel that even our worst enemies were still made in the image of God.

And the pursuit of the common good is the pursuit of the good of those who hate us and have hurt us even in the recent past.

Transformational leadership means that we do not mourn and condemn the killing of those who belong to our own tribe or faith alone, or seek justice for ours alone, because all men are equal before God, and that the pain and anguish of a mother’s loss of a child, is not different from one faith or tongue to the other,* the VP pointed out.

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