Davido On A Scheduled 2022 Spending Binge

*Eyes Three New Houses, Five Cars and A Private Jet

David Adedeji Adeleke, fondly referred to as Davido, got millions of his admirers and trollers alike in 2021 with some news catching undertakings.

On his birthday anniversary, an innocuous birthday demand, urging his friends to fund it, drew such support that in just a few hours, he netted hundreds of millions, so much that his receiving bank dispatched a number of its top officials to Dubai, more or less, to show gratitude.

Shortly after the unprecedented and record breaking financial windfall, which he donated to some unnamed urphanages, the award winning Nigerian music star went a step further in his news catching acts by acquiring new super toys in quick succession, each costing well hundreds of millions of Naira.

News streaming from his end seem to suggest that what he raked up in 2021 is just a window into his goal acquisition in 2022. That is, if his workout video shared on his insta handle on Wednesday is anything to hold on.

Davido says he intends releasing his third studio album, buy up three new houses, five more cars, one of them a princely, imported N275m Lamoghini Aventador already paid for, and a brand new private jet. Hear him:

We go flog them this year. Album, three new houses, five more cars and another jet.”

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