Human Organs: I Eat Some, Sell To Others-Aminu Baba

A prominent cars dealer with Aminchi Motors, Gusau, Zamfara state, Aminu Baba, has confessed to being a carnibal who specializes in eating human parts including penis, eyes, intestines and esophagus. He also told investigators that he equally sells what he cannot consume to unnamed clients who show interest.

Baba made the confession following his arrest over the killing and dismembering of 9-year old Ahmad Yakubu Aliyu in Gusau.

Baba, who told investigators that he has 3 wives and 19 children, disclosed that he usually employed two teenagers to help him scout for young boys for his weird job and that his hirelings, who have thus far delivered on two occasions, receive half a million for each successful job.

“I paid them N500,000 for each of the killing of the two young boys. We removed penis, eyes, intestines and esophagus and I used to eat these human organs and sell some to those who need them,” he said.

One of his foot soldiers, one Abdulshakur Mohammad, also confessed to being involved in sourcing victims for Baba, adding that he got N500,000 after the first and second operations before he was arrested.

Mohammed disclosed that he connived with Baba and another collaborator, Ahmad Tukur, to deceive the victims, who were, thereafter taken to an uncompleted building and murdered. Giving further insight, he disclosed that after murdering the victims, they would removed their intestine, esophagus, private part and two eyes, which they took to Baba who, in return, gave them N500,000 as agreed.

He added that thus far, he has taken part in three murder for human parts. Both Baba and Mohammed were not forthcoming with information on who the other collaborators are or indeed those they sell the human parts to.

Trouble began for Baba and his cohorts about two weeks ago when a property owner spotted the decomposing remains of little Ahmad Yakubu Aliyu in his uncompleted building in the Barakallahu area of Gusau and promptly reported his findings to the police. The victim was later identified as the 9 year-old Ahmad who went missing shortly after returning from Islamiyya School in Gadar Baga area of the city. Subsequent investigations led to arrest of Baba and his accomplices.

Investigators have since recovered exhibits, including intestine, esophagus, penis and two eyes from the suspects.

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