Carl Allamby: The Car Mechanic Who Became a Medical Doctor

He’s been a subject of a feature on the CBS TV Evening News. He’s been the focus of a short documentary just as he’s been a guest of some other American television shows, including the NBC. He’s been signed on by a Hollywood agent with TV show based on his life story already rolling.

He grew up in East Cleveland and was in high school when he started fixing cars professionally. He went on to open his own shop in the same area before moving over to South Euclid were be added the pursuit of a business degree in night school, majoring in when biology and had an epiphany, dreaming to become a doctor, hopefully. The dream took form much later a reason why he had to sell his mechanic business and went to medical school. At 47, he became a doctor, dream fulfilled. That’s the world of Carl Allamby, the man who started out as a motor mechanic

Allamby, a Beachwood resident, is now an in-demand speaker. Thus far, he’s made appearances in schools and doctors’ fora, one of which is his presence as the featured speaker for the Akron Urban League on Martin Luther King Day, January. 20, 2021 just as he spoke at a Cleveland Clinic MLK week event January 17. In May, he was booked as the commencement speaker at Central State University and was also a guest speaker at the Ohio University during commencement week.

Allamby’s speaking runs has not taken him out of his time with his patients as he’s having them in the Emergency Room of the Cleveland Clinic Akron General hospital, where he does morning, evening and overnight shifts.

We’re a 24-7 business, we always have to be there. The Emergency Department is always busy. I love it. I thrive on it. I like staying busy,” he said.

Allamby sees nexus between his previous car-fixing job and working on humans. Though he says he’s still learning the ropes, he’s however, certain that fixing people is more complicated than cars.

“No matter how long you’ve been in medicine you are learning, and things are going to surprise you. Every day, I show up to work and I have to earn the right to be called a doctor. The residents who I work with are all fantastic. Sometimes I stand in amazement at how young they are and how committed they are to their patients and medicine and to their profession.”

As certain as he is that people are more complicated than cars, he is sure he chose the right specialty. At least when told of his story, he’s happy and he never forgets to make people realize how happy he is that they are part of his story.

“I cannot be more happy than where I am now. When you look up and the day is over and it’s time to go home, you cannot believe nine hours has passed. I leave so energized. There are, of course, bad days. But the bad days just make me appreciate the good days,” he said.
Allamby never stops talking about coming from an underserved area or acknowledging barnriers related to race and background as he spreads his message of hope

Most of the barriers we face in life come from within,” he says. “I am here to say you all have it within you to be a success.”


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