Salaries of Senators, Reps: Lawan Opens Up

*Reveals Monthly Take Home, Querterly Allowances

In a move that could be described as a no-hold-barred, President of the Nigerian Senate, Ahmad Lawan, revealed to the public in Abuja on Monday, the salaries and emoluments of members of the National Assembly

Lawan, who made the disclosure in a  paper presented at the First Distinguished Parliamentarians Lecture Series organised by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, also noted that President Muhammadu Buhari  has surpassed his predecessors on assent to bills.

According to Lawan, each Senator takes home a monthly Salary of N1.5 million while each member of the House of Representatives gets N1.3 million. The figure is against the N13m monthly package speculated by some analysts as the monthly salaries of Nigerian law makers.

While delivering his paper titled, The Legislature, Legislative Mandate and People-The Reality and the Public Perception, Lawan noted that Nigerians are wrongly taking law makers’quarterly office running cost as salaries, pointing out that whereas each Senator receives N13m as quarterly average office running cost, each member of the House of Representatives gets N8m.

The total salary of a member of the Senate is about N1.5m while that of the House of Representatives is about N1.3m.

The quarterly office allowance for legislators is what is erroneously conflicted with a monthly income to create confusion and mislead Nigerians.

The average office running cost for a senator is about N13m while that of a member of the House of Representatives is N8m.”

The senate president surmised that the the N13m and the N8m quarterly office-running cost for a member of the Senate and House of Representatives respectively, are about the lowest of any presidential democracy in the world.

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