Pull Down Your Luxury Hotel-Court Orders Lionel Messi

FOLLOWING the unsavory outcome of his victory at the Ballon d’Or, the Argentine football whiz is once more, facing another setback.

Reports by El Confidencial, a Spanish newspaper say a Barcelona Court has ordered the demolition of his £26m luxury hotel which he acquired about five years ago.

According to the paper, the 77-room hotel MiM Sitges, as the hotel is known, failed to meet the required building standards in Barcelona. In particular, the hotel’s balconies are said to be too big, a factor that put the structure at the risk of a possibly collapsing even if they were to be reduced in size or removed entirely.

In addition, the hotel is also became imperative as the structure’s fire emergency plan also is way below requisite standards.

El Confidencial reports that the former Barcelona star was not aware his four star facility had been ordered for a pull down when he acquired it in 2017 and that he became aware when its reporter “approached him for comment”.

Besides being a football maestro, Messi, known to have spent most of his life in Barcelona, is also into the hospitality business. He is said to own own hotels in tourist-filled Ibiza and Majorca.

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