Mikael Lawal: Another Nigerian Boxing Nightmare on a Cruiserweight Rampage

MIKAEL Lawal, dominated the fight over the five rounds it lasted in London early Saturday night. But even with three knockdowns that had plenty to say of his abilities, it was his whacking overhand right punch in the fifth that ended the fight for his opponent, Leonardo Damian Bruzzese, who crashed to the canvass in a lump, unable to wake up to his dream of getting a shot at being a contender of the British Cruiserweight title early saturday night.

With the victory, Lawal has announced his arrival on British cruiserweight scene with aplomb.

“I’m waiting to be made mandatory for the British title. Chris Billam-Smith is in the building now and I’d like that fight,” says Mikael Lawal after his landmark KO.

Lawal has his eyes fixed on the British Cruiserweight circle, particularly on his rival, Richard Riakporhe. As he puts it after the fight:

“I’ve got my own path to go down.”

The fight is Lawal’s 15th unemised outings most of which have ended explosively.

With his victory, Lawal has increased the number of foreign legion of Nigerian pugilists making the country proud via bench mark decisive victory runs. All combined, they also seem to be saying unambiguously that given the right nudge, Nigeria would prove to be the natyral reservoir for real talents.

Surely, he is another in the series of Nigerian boxing nightmares running riot in particularly, Britain.

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