Cute Abiola Is In Our Custody-Nigerian Navy

THE Nigerian Navy has stated that Instagram humour merchant, Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, better known as Cute Abiola, is in its custody. This is against initial reports which say he is missing.

Director of Information Navy Headquarters, Cdre Suleman Dahun, said this in a statement isuued on Tuesday.

According to the Naval spokesperson, Abiola was taken into detention for running foul against Armed Forces social media policy.

Cute Abiola is not missing !!! He is in custody for breaching Armed Forces Social Media Policy,” the statement read in part.

The skit maker was initially declared missing by his fellow comedian, Mr Macaroni quoting the wife.

The Armed Forces Act 2017 frowns at actions classified as “undignified use of social media” by members of the Armed Forces, especially acts that could render them susceptible to enemies’ trap or jeopardise ongoing military operations.

Personnel should not post their pictures or those of their colleagues in military uniforms, or pictures containing military structures, platforms and other military related items,” said one of the guidelines indicated

Military personnel were also required to warn their family members against controversial conducts on social media.

Personnel will be held liable for any security issues arising from postings in respect of them by civilian friends or relations. They are therefore, to educate their friends and relations as necessary regarding military security and what should not be posted on social media,” another guidelines said.

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