Infidelity Accusations: Pero’s Demands Throw Spanners into Annie’s Apologies

AS fans of Nigerian music star, 2Baba’s, ruminate on his
reaction to his wife’s (Annie) apology, a different dimension to the saga, brought in by Pero Adeniyi, his Baby mama Annie accused him of allegedly having an amorous tryst on the pretext of seeing his children in the US, is causing concerns.

In a letter sent trough her attorneys, Pero wants Annie to tender a separate unreserved apology, in addition to coughing out half a billion Naira as compensation for the damages, emotional stress, embarrassment and personal injury, all fallout of the damaging allegations against her.

Annie had accused Pero of craftily ensnaring 2Baba into cohabting with her while the latter was in the US to see his three children.

But Pero, who maintained a rather stoic silence until she visited Nigeria recently, denied having any such relationship with 2Baba, adding that both of them were actually not friends any more.

Annie didn’t stop at pointing accusing infidelity fingers at both 2Baba and Pero, she also dragged several other family members, including the singer’s younger brother and mother into the fray.

2Baba’s first reaction was to plead with the public to let the family be as such crisis wasn’t peculiar to it.

Without any reference to Pero, Annie profusely asked 2Baba, his manager, brother, mother and her own mother, to forgive and overlook her rather childish outbursts, blaming them on the enormous emotional stress she went through at the period during which she actually nortured suicidal tendencies.

“I Want to Apologize To My Husband , Inno .. I Am So Sorry I Threw You Out There Like I Did , (so unwise ) That Isn’t The Kind Of Woman You Married, Totally Sorry For all the Mental Stress And Heart Break It Caused You, So Sorry I Put Both Our Families Out There I, The Way I Did I still Bi Your Smallie oo.

“To My Beautiful Mothers. My Amazing Mother And My Beautiful Mother In- Law .. I am Sooo Sorry I Let Both Of You down .. No Mother Should Go Through The Kind Of Pain That You Both Felt .. I Am Really Sorry.(I am still your baby) I am Far From Perfect, But I Have Decide To Choose Peace . And I Wanna Do Better, Given The Chance . To Both My Families- The Macaulays And The Idibias, I Am Sorry For All The Pain And Disrespect Towards Both Familes… Pls Forgive Me .Una No Fit Throw Way Una Pikin ooo,” she wrote in part.

In his traditional cool reaction to his wife’s apologies, 2Baba pointed out that people are simply taking advantage of their pain and acting like they are better than them adding that whether they are together or not, all will be well.

“Nobody holy pass. On top my/we/our pain dem want to claim say them holy. Together or not it shall be well,” he wrote.

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