Woman Impregnated by Her Son-in-Law

*Husband Fumes

PRISCILIA Kwange’s story is like a bizarre tale from other lands. But it’s one that happened in Lafia, Nasarawa state. It’s about a woman left with two two options, neither of which has any chance of eliciting any moral applause.

Now pregnant with her first child after almost one decade of fruitless life as a married woman, PRISCILIA is now at the centre of attention that seeks to cast her as morally bankrupt. Isn’t she?

Priscilia got married to Sylvester Kwange after the passing of his first wife, Rose, in a ghastly motor accident. Before her passing, Rose had a child for her husband whose marriage with Priscilla failed to produce any.

As it is wont with her people, the Tiv people of Taraba state, she became the focus of attention, handed the onerous responsibility of proving that she is fertile. After all, her husband had a child from his previous marriage.

Yet, her husband made life even more difficult, threatening severally to send her packing but for the intervention of his son-in-law, Christopher Chori, a native of Kokona council area of neighbouring Nasarawa state, who consistently reminded him that only God can give children.

Chori it was who also advised his father-in-law to seek medical help or alternatively, use fertity drugs if he wasn’t too keen on seeing fertity experts. For some unexplained reasons, the man refused to take the advise as he insisted he had no problem at all. At least, there is Faith, Chori’s wife, as proof that he is fertile.

Perhaps eager to prove his fertility, Sylvester became notorious for extra marital relationships. Except that non produced any child, anyway.

Priscilla was not idle either. She is said to have been out in search of solution, including numerous, visits to hospitals in her home state, Taraba and neighbouring Makurdi in Benue, Abuja in the federal capital territory, FCT, and Jos, in Plateau state. All these she did with the help of Chori, her son-in-law. However, non changed her fortune with her husband.

Four years into her marriage to Chori, her step daughter, Faith, became pregnant. The result turned out to be a baby boy sometime in 2019. Sadly however, Faith did not survive the experience as she passed on from Caesarian complications. It was such that Chori would need help, at least, in taking care of the little baby.

It was not difficult for Sylvester to persuade his wife, PRISCILIA, to temporarily relocate to Lafia just so she could assist ereaved Chori in taking care of the newborn baby Faith left behind. A relieving arrangement it seems. Except that it turned awry seven months down the line when Priscilia became pregnant…for Chori, her son-in-law.

A broken Sylvester Kwange, bitter and devastated, put his reaction over the sordid development thus:

That is to say, it is about seven months that I have not seen her. We only talk on the phone,” he said. “I know the importance of her coming to stay in Lafia for some period of time, to take care of the new born baby whose mother is late. I thought it was my own responsibility to help my son-in-law and the new baby of my late daughter. So, I allowed my own wife to come and help.” Then he turned to you and asked rhetorically. Is that an offence.

Two weeks ago, a friend ran into my wife in Lafia and called to tell me that he saw her with bulging stomach. I was speechless with shock and asked, how come? I didn’t want to believe it or confront her on the phone. She has been here since June last year. I decided to visit them to also see how the little boy is doing. I was coming with so much joy, not knowing that I was coming to meet disaster waiting for me. When I got to the house of my son-in-law, I met the shock of my life as I saw my own wife with a protruding stomach. I stood transfixed to the spot as I looked at her, trying to recall if there was any time she told me she was pregnant but I could not remember.

“I quickly asked my wife what happened and she broke down and confessed that Mr. Chori seduced her and they had sex and it became frequent and the result was the pregnancy. She started begging me for forgiveness. She said that she actually allowed him to have his way as a way of checking her fertility status and it turned out to be this way and that she refused to abort it because she has spent 10 solid years with me without a child. She said it is almost getting late as she is no longer getting younger. She pleaded with me not to cause her any embarrassment or disgrace by exposing her to ridicule and shame. She actually begged me to handle the matter in a mature way, but I’m yet to get out of the shock seeing my own wife impregnated by my own son-in-law. My anger knows no bounds. If it were during my days as a military man, I would have used my gun to kill the two of them. But if I do that now, I will be taking the law into my hands. What I will do now is to go back to Taraba. I have asked my wife not to come back to my house. As for Christopher Chori, I leave him to his conscience,” he wailed.

Even Priscilia is equally stung. Hear her:

I’m not proud of myself because apart from being a housewife, the victim is my son-in-law. My reason for teasing him was to test my fertility status since there was a golden opportunity and sticking to my husband in the past ten years has not yielded any result. I wanted to be sure of where the problem lies.

Unfortunately, I took in. It was a wrong decision but I didn’t want to take the risk of aborting the baby as it may not come my way again. Although, I didn’t want it made public, my husband has succeeded in exposing it. I admit I am guilty of allowing my son-in-law to impregnate me but I was also considering my condition, even though I never expected pregnancy to come. But since it has come, I will want to keep it even if he decides to push me out of his house, I can’t afford to die childless,” Priscilla recounted.

Chori also offered told his side of the story.

After the death and burial of my wife, my mother-in-law came to stay with me here in Lafia, to help look after the baby because my mother is no longer alive; she died many years ago. I work with one of the federal government agencies in Lafia. My younger sister who is equally staying with me is in SS2 and could not combine her studies with taking care of the baby. So my father-in-law asked his wife to come because his first wife who happens to be my real mother-in-law is late.

“I live in two-bedroom apartment. So when she came to take care of the baby with the assistance of my younger sister, I left one of the rooms for them to use while I stay in the other room but I come home regularly to check on them and to ensure that she does not lack anything especially when my younger sister is out in school.

“In the first one month of her stay with me, nothing happened but during the second month, which was July 2019, something happened that left me with so much guilty feelings. My sister went to school. I did not go to work that day, leaving me and my mother-in-law alone in the house. It rained the previous night all through and the weather was very cold. I was checking on them in their room to see how my newborn baby was doing. But when I opened the door, I was shocked to see my mother-in-law almost naked as she wore only lingerie with no underwear. I could clearly see the outline of her firm Bosom s and her private part. I tried to turn back but she said I should come in. When I hesitated, she walked up to me and grabbed me, asking me why I was behaving like a small boy. She asked whether she was not looking attractive to me. I told her I could not do what she had in mind with her as I saw her as my own mother as well as mother-in-law.

But she disabused my mind and insisted that I must sleep with her. As a human being, I fell for the temptation and slept with her that day, and somehow it continued at any given opportunity. It became a daily routine as I was not going to work regularly. As soon as my sister leaves for school and the boy is able to sleep, we would stay indoors and have sex all day and it later resulted in pregnancy but she refused to abort it. She said she has been longing for a child of her own. I cannot but blame myself for falling into such a temptation but then the deed has been done. I feel very bad because there is no way my father-in-law would thump his chest and claim to be the owner of the pregnancy because she has spent some months in my house and she missed her period while staying here, not in her husband’s house.” Chori explained.

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