Kamaru Usman: The Fight, The Purse

FOR about 25 minutes of his high octane combat to settle his long standing rivalry with his UFC foe on Saturday night at the Madison Square Garden, New York, Usman Kamaru, received aplomb, accolades and encomiums from far and wide. No doubt, he worked for and earned it.

Kamaru also earned a lot more that were not immediately in the public space, not likely to be anyway. For the records, the Nigerian Nightmare, as he is fondly called, not only retained his UFC Welterweight belt, he also received a princely paycheck for the night for his unanimous point decision win over Covington

How much, you’d ask?

Though official figures are not in the open for now, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission is not reputed for releasing paycheck such details, the figure’s not difficult to get figure out with just a peep into previously released official salary structures. That is, if one takes what is referred to as Fight-week incentive pay into account

Obviously, Kamaru’s paycheck for the night isn’t just the prize for appearing for the night as UFC Welterweight champion and retaining his belt, estimated to be half a million dollars, other pecks raise the ante.

Potentially for instance, the figure doubles when added to his pay-per-view take at the event, estimated at another half a million dollars, a figure that does not include his $42,000 bonus.

In other words, the fiesty Nigerian fighter, in the least, walked away with $1,042,000 for about 25 minutes of something similar to an intensive workout on Saturday night.

His opponent, Colby Covington, didn’t fare too far behind. For his appearance, he would get half a million dollars, plus a quarter of a million for pay-per-view and another $32,000 as bonus, totaling $782,000.

Did you manage to translate the figure in Naira term?

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