UFC 268: Usman/Colby Claw At Each Other

As Emotions Run Loose

SATURDAY is the D-day, Madison Square Garden, New York City, is bracing up for the big fight between UFC Welterweight Champion, Usman Kamaru and second time challenger, Colby Covington.

But as the bout inches closer, emotional outburst between the duo is reaching the stratosphere wit both not hesitating one bit in drawing their family foibles into the fray.

It was Covington who drew the first blood at Thursday’s press conference, dragging Kamaru’s family in the mud when the Nigerian Nightmare, as Kamaru is referred to, alluded to bursting his jaw in an earlier encounter.

If he’s saying that I was faking this and that, but I didn’t. I stayed in the fight and I broke your f**cking jaw.”

Colby’s response was a direct hit downside the belt.

The only thing your broke was your daddy out of prison.
“Where’s that jailbird at? We need the scam artist here just like his son
,” he squealed back at Usman.

Saturday’s duel between the duo at UFC 268, is a follow-up of the 2019 episode in which Usman punched Colby to a fifth round submission in one heck of an absolute war.

Even with a burst jaw in the first encounter, as the champ puts it, the outcome has never stopped Colby from bad-mouthing his conqueror or for the matter, ebbing an inch from the fierce rivalry between them as both still seeks to prove who the better fighter is.

As it was in the first, the Saturday night brawl, already sizzling with a TNT-level emotional quakes, promises to be one heck of an encounter.

Who will it be in Madison Square, New York, on Saturday?

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