She’s Too Beautiful, I Want a Divorce-Man Tells Court

A court in Gokwe, a rural small town in the Midlands province, Zimbabwe, became the centre of a bizarre drama recently when a 40 year-old man, Arnold Masuka, asked for a divorce from his 30 year-old wife, Hilda Mleya, for being too beautiful.

Masuka, apparently heartbroken told the court that he no longer wants his wife for being so beautiful that he is having sleepless nights.

Masuka who spoke in Shona, told the court that his wife smiles all the time a reason for which he fears her infectious smiles might draw attention from other man.
The situation, according to him, got so bad he was afraid of going to work and leaving her alone as he feared she would attract other men.

A stunned Chief Chireya, whose court the matter was heard, asked the divorce-seeking Masuka to reconsider his divorce quest, something that would end in him abandoning his children who are still in school.

He also urged the couple to keep staying together as husband and wife.

But Masuka would have none of it as he told the court that their marriage had ended, even before the case started.

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