The Man With the Longest Nose

THE nose, like the ear, is one of the few parts of the human body that continues to grow as the ages pile up. Albeit, it hardly grows out of proportion. But for Mehmet Ozyurek, a Turk, he’s had to live with a nose that so grew out of proportion that it earned him a global acclaim ecord as the living being with the longest nose in the universe. That’s according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Ozyurek, 71, who lives in Artvin, Turkey, was on Italian TV show, Lo Show Dei Record, about 10 years ago, to have his nose measured, having noticed that it was way off the mark for an ordinary nose. It was measure and, voila!

The obviously huge nose measured 8.8 centimetres, about 3.46 inches, from the bridge to the tip, enough to beat all other contenders to the longest nose on any living person crown.

But Thomas Wedders, also known as Wadhouse, a circus performer from Yorkshire, Northern England, is reputed to be the man with the longest nose ever on any human being, dead or alive.

Wedders who lived in the 18th century, had a nose he turned into his party trick for its immense 19 centimetre, 7.5 inches length all because it brought fame and more fans to his circus shows.

Obviously, Wedders’ nose makes Ozyurek look like miniature alternative such that Guinness World Records awarded him a post humous title, including a wax reproduction of his head which now sits at one of Ripley’s 29 Museums.

Though he died in his 50s long ago, the condition of his famous nose kept his memories alive till date.

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