Ajagba/Sanchez: How the Cuban Clubbed Ajagba to Submission

DOWN on the canvass and looking up at his Cuban foe from the perspective of a punch-induced haze, Efe Ajagba carved a pitiable figure. At the point, Sanchez could only be the legendary towering colossus, understandably. Such was the outcome of one of the heavyweight undercards encounters in the Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder Trilogy which ended with the Nigerian title hopeful not in any position to dispute the 98-91, 98-91 and 97-92 score figures on the three judges cards.

The fight began on a rather careful note with both boxers obviously sizing up themselves. Thus rounds one and two passed without much display until rlthe third round when they turned on the heat. But it was Sanchez who called the shot in all, obviously outclassing Ajagba on points and in all aspects leading a commentator to label the encounter a “a teacher-student” drill.

Evidently, Sanchez was way ahead of Ajagba in class, technical edge, artistry, strength and overall punch-point delivery. Fluid on his feet against a rather lethargic Ajagba, the Cuban Flash, as he is called, had the edge in all the rounds, massing up points with a commanding performance that saw him delivering a crafty left punch that sent his Nigerian opponent sprawling pitiably on the canvass in Round 7. He simply took time to make the fight easy without being entertaining.

Yes, Ajagba attempted to put up fight but it was to too languid, not fast enough to match the speed, strategy, strength and telling punches delivered by Sanchez who is now closer to having a shot either at Oleksandr Usyk’s WBO belt or Tyson Fury’s WBC title. With an unbeaten record to 19 in 19 outings, the prospects can’t look any better.

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