Stripped of Her Title for Missing Weigh-in Due to Menstral Cycle

WORLD Boxing Association, WBA, Batamweight champion, Belt Shannon Courtenay, was on Friday, of her title for failing to weigh-in due to her Menstral cycle.

Courteney, who initially weighed 120.5lbs, about 2.5lbs heavier than the 118lbs weight limit for bantam weight, was asked to return in two hours within which she’d wear out the extras. But the 7-1 pugilist failed to return.

Billed to square up with Jamie Mitchel in Liverpool on Saturday, Courtenay said in a statement released later that she missed the weigh-in due to the unexpected arrival of her monthly cycle.

Interestingly, whereas the belt will Mitchell’s if she emerges winner on Saturday. But it will still remain vacant if Courtenay is victorious.

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