Sickle Cell Disease: Help for Sicklers At Last

THE National Health Services, NHS, of the United Kingdom, UK, has announced what may be a breakthrough in the fight against sickle cell disease. It announced on Tuesday that it now has what it describes as a “life changing treatment” for the ailment, estimated to affect a large of blacks in the UK who are carriers of the gene, at least.

According to the NHS, a drug, known as Crizanlizumab, a breakthrough treatment, has proven to offer victims chances of a better and quality life when delivered via transfusion drip.

Crizanlizumab works by binding itself to proteins in the blood cells, preventing oxygen and blood restriction and ultimately halting the processes that lead to sickle cell crisis.

“… Crizanlizumab, the new drug will be delivered by a transfusion drip and works by binding to a protein in the blood cells to prevent the restriction of blood and oxygen supply that lead to a sickle cell crisis,” a statement from the NHS said.

Sickle cell is a genetic disease which turns the normal doughnut-like red blood cells into a sticky crescent moon or sickle blade form that end up forming blood clots that often cause excruciating pains in the back, chest, hands and feet of sicklers.

Sickle cell disease has no known cure and is said to be more prevalent in Nigeria more than any other country with about 30 per cent of the country’s population affected.

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