Olagoke Dare: The Banker Nabbed for Staging Own Robbery

OLAGOKE Dare, a staff of an Abeokuta based Micro finance bank, has been arrested by the police for staging his own robbery. Men of the state police command apprehended Dare for reportedly planning with an accomplice to rob him of N3m belonging to his employer.

According to the police, detectives picked up one Idowu Tunde after receiving a distress call over a robbery incident near the Oke-Ilewo branch of the bank where Dare and one Mary Agbejo had gone to withdraw the N3m.

But while being interrogated, Tunde confessed that it was Dare who actually planned the robbery. Dare, he said, told him, prior to the robbery, that he and another employee will be withdrawing the said money from the bank, adding that the Banker asked him, Tunde, to come and collect the money.in a make-belief robbery.

Tunde also confessed that it was Dare who gave him the toy gun for the operation. According to him, Dare deliberately left his car opened while going into the banking hall just so that he, Tunde, will have no challenge finding a convenient place to lie in wait until they left the banking hall with the money.

Upon coming out of the bank, Tunde pounced pointed the gun at the lady holding the money as planned, hoping she would be stunned enough to obediently hand over the money. However, the lady noticed that the gun was fake and raised the alarm following which attracted paasersby chased him and called the police.

Tunde was subsequently arrested by the police who went ahead to arrest Olagoke.

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