LIKE 2Baba, Like Davido-Rolling With BabyMama

Thanks largely to Innocent Idibia, aka, 2Baba and David Adedeji Adeleke, also known as Davido, the Nigerian entertainment history will have so much to be talked about for. Apart from being part of the elite Nigerian music stars out of whom the country evolved into hip hop and Afro pop reckoning on the global entertainment scale, they also brought with them a well horned libidious prowess that has created the Babymama fad.
With 2Baba living his “Baba” moniker, siring up numerous children from several women, nicknamed Baby-Mamas, and managing to hold onto one as wifey, Davido on the other hand, is on the loose, raking babies from left, right and centre from sundry babes whilst failing to keep the even one he walked the aisle with. A few days ago however, reports from the UK had it that one of them, a London-based makeup artist, just joined his Babaymama collections with the confirmation by a DNA test that her son wears the Davido gene.
The baby boy, born March 2020 and named Dawson-son of David, was however, rejected by the Nigerian star. Apparently not satisfied with the rejection, the mother mounted pressure leading to his capitulation last month with a demand for a DNA test. The result is out and it says the Nigerian artiste is 100% Dawson’s biological father. With the confirmation, Larrisa becomes Davido’s fourth BabyMama…still counting.

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