Nemesis Chides Chidi, A University Don

*For Parading False Qualifications

Nemesis is a bitch. Or so Nemesis seems to be reminding Chidi Ugwu, a lecturer at the Sociology and Anthropology department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who appears to be acting well the time-tested axiom which holds that no matter how deep truth is buried, it will crawl back to the surface one day. Ugwu who recently won a prestigious Harvard Fellowship is now facing perhaps the biggest disgrace of his life as he has been found to have used false qualifications to secure the qualification.
Reports by Sahara Reports indicate that Ugwu’s recent appointment to the Radcliffe Fellowship of Harvard University was partly because he claimed to have obtained a diploma from the University of Helsinki,l. That is, in addition to claiming also that he has been a guest lecturer at the University of Melbourne since 2017.
Investigations revealed however, that both claims are false as the institutions pointed out that have no such name on their record.
For sure, Ugwu graduated from UNN’s department of Dociology and Anthropology in 2006 before going further to obtain his doctorate degree in 2016 from the same institution. However, he is described by some students as an extortionist having allegedly extorted an uncertified amount of money from students in 2019. Though he has been ordered by the Vice Chancellor to refund same to the students, he is yet to make a refund as instructed.
He is also said to be part of a ring of power brokers, leading up to the Vice Chancellor, Prof Charles Ogwe, in the university whose members are allegedly enmeshed particularly in age falsification.

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