Britney Gets A Conservatorship Breather

*As Court Suspends Father from Conservatorship

For 13 years, James Spears, father of Britney Spears, one of America’s pop idols, ruled her life as a conservator and made all important financial and personal decisions for her. Not entirely happy with the arrangement, the popular singer objected to the deal and later went to court in an attempt to put an end to it. Her wishes came true on Wednesday, albeit temporarily, as a Los Angeles Court suspended him from acting in the capacity.
Arising from her disapproval of her father as her conservator, Britney had sought the intervention of the court over control incidents her legal team described as crossing “unfathomable lines” on “surveillance”. Arguing largely that the arrangement is untenable either in the short or long run, her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, pushed for an outright termination before any other action. The demand, he posited, became imperative for the singer’s wellbeing. However, the Court opted for a temporary but immediate suspension pending the determination of the final decision.
“The conservatorship can and should be wound up and terminated promptly, ideally this fall … Britney Spears deserves to have her father out of her life as a conservator, today,” Rosengart said.
Jamie’s removal as his daughter’s conservator is coming three months after the latter pleaded publicly that he stepped down in the capacity, noting that he “…loved the control to hurt his own daughter.”
Britney was not in court when the ruling was made but a close ally described her reaction as ecstatic and bursting “…into tears upon hearing the judge’s decision.” The source added that she was” in shock and at a loss for words” as she was literally jumping for joy.
The singer’s fans are no less ecstatic as news of the judgement slipped in. There are reports of fans traveling long distances to lend her a much needed support even as protesters shut down the streets outside the courthouse chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the conservatorship has got to go!” and “Britney’s body, Britney’s choice!”

In his reaction, her fiance, Sam Asghar, was full of encomiums for those he termed, her “army” of fans, for their support.
Britney is yet to officially file for an end her father’s conservatorship role. But in an obvious twist, her father’s legal team, who maintained that the arrangement is both voluntary and necessary, filed to put an end to it. They cited both the singer’s stated requests and recent shows of independence.

But her lawyer referred to the termination attempt as a proof that the pop idol has been right all the while, adding that it was just a ploy to “avoid accountability and justice, including sitting for a sworn deposition and answering other discovery under oath.” He acquiesced however, to the termination request as a wish of the singer but “subject to proper transition and asset protection.” But he called for “a temporary, short-term conservator to replace Mr. Spears until the conservatorship is completely and inevitably terminated this fall.”
Meanwhile, Judge Penny haa appointed a new conservator, John Zabel, to oversee her estate pending when a hearing to review the suspension and a petition to end the conservatorship is settled on November 12.

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