We’re Set For Business-OPAC Refineries

*Produces First Set of Refined Products-Diesel, kerosene, Fuel Oil and Naphtha

One of Nigeria’s indigenous refineries, Kwale-based OPAC Refineries, has completed the production of its first set of refined products four years after it begun the development of its refining capacity. The company, which made the announcement in a statement it released on Monday, stated that it is test-running its refinery having completed the initial production processes from which it successfully produced diesel, kerosene, fuel oil and naphtha, a source for Premium Motor Spirit, PMS or petrol as it is commonly referred to.
OPAC described the development as the formal completion of the company’s first production phase and part of a larger process of test running the crude production facility ahead of full commissioning for commercial production.
“We have officially commenced the test run of our refinery with the first refined products coming out successfully. This is the pre-commissioning stage and it is going to continue for some time for a reliability test of the Refinery,” Chairman OPAC Refineries, Momoh Jimah Oyarekhua, announced.
Oyerekhua assured that the refinery is well positioned to continue production and by extension, ready for commissioning for the commencement of commercial production latest November ending. He added however, that official commissioning for full commercial production will depend on how the ongoing negotiation with the NNPC and cluster members with regards to assurances of reliable supply of crude oil.
“The refinery will continue to produce and with this, the refinery is now ready for commissioning and we are looking at official commercial commissioning for full commercial production between now and the end of November 2021.
“This planned official commercial commissioning will depend on how far we go with the negotiation currently ongoing with the NNPC and the cluster members for the reliable supply of crude for our refinery. These negotiations are currently ongoing with the NNPC, and the cluster members, for the supply of crude and we are hoping that these conversations are quickly concluded to give us the proper framework to advance quickly.”
Oyerekhua disclosed that OPAC is already conceptualizing the process of adding a reformer to the facility to enable it transform its Naphtha to PMS with a view to helping the country reduce the current high cost of acquiring the product. The process, he said, will tee off the second phase of the company’s development process.
“We are currently on the table conceptualizing the process of adding a reformer which will transform our Naphtha into PMS so that we can produce petrol for the country to alleviate the cost of PMS on the masses in Nigeria and also to reduce importation of PMS into our country.
“This will be the immediate second phase of our project and in this, we are currently in discussions with various agencies to ensure that we succeed,” said Oyarekhua
As one of the foremost promising indigenous local oil & gas facilities and Modular refineries to start operations in Nigeria, OPAC is structured to produce multiple primary products, including as Diesel or Automotive Gas Oil or AGO, Kerosene or DPK, Light Fuel Oil or LFO and Naphtha, a by-product for Premium Motor Spirit or PMS.
As first of its kind modular refinery located at Umuseti, Kwale in Delta State, Nigeria, the company is equipped with a processing capacity of 10,000 barrels of crude oil per day with hopes of expanding to different regions.

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