R. Kelly: Guilty As Charged

Sensational Rythm and Blue singer, R. Kelly, has been found guilty of all charges in the sex trafficking trial. Though sentencing is due in May 4, there are chances he could spend the rest of his life in prison as he was found guilty of using a scheme through which he exploited his fame to sexually abuse women and children over two decades.
While the trial lasted, eleven of his accusers, comprising nine women and two men, took the stand in the six-week trial during which they painstakingly described the sexual humiliation and violence they suffered at his hands.
One of those who testified against the musician with claims that he imprisoned, drugged and raped her, said in a written statement after the verdict that she had “been hiding” from Kelly “due to threats made against me” since she went public with her accusations.
Expectedly, prosecutors were no less painstaking as they convincingly drove home the argument that indeed the once successful pop star employed his fame and fortune to hoodwink his victims with promises of helping them with their musical career. Instead, he turned around to sexually molested them with some testifying that they were under aged when he abused them. Besides being found guilty of all the charges, he was also adjudged guilty of violating the Mann act, a federal law which forbids sex trafficking across state lines.
“I’m ready to start living my life free from fear and to start the healing process,” the woman, whose name is given in court as Sonja, added.
The verdict is coming 13 years after he was acquitted of child pornography charges after a trial in Illinois.

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