Salle: Set to Dine With Kings

Not long ago, Salle, Nigeria’s sought-after musical talent wrote on her Twitter handle that she got a call from Rihanna, one of the Global musical icons. The call was a big break in terms of how far her raw but very sublime musical voice has touched the right cord in the right places. The news now is that her viral video that caught the entertainment world gaulking about two weeks ago is drawing her closer to the dining table with kings.
Salle who is reported to be breaking new grounds with records labels falling over themselves in a bid to acquire her signature. The 17 year-old has just been invited by television icon, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, to be a guest on her show.
“Salle you are a star and an inspiration to the world. Will you kindly accept an invitation to tell your story on my show,” the globally acclaimed Amanpour wrote.
Salle was discovered in the street of Imo state heading home with an empty tray after one of her daily food items hawking routines. A video recording of her angelic voice got Nigerians on a dizzy spell. The video clip also went ahead of her straight into international reckoning, prompting international music act, Rihanna, to reportedly put a call across to her.
An excited Salle broke the news with, “I got a call from Rihanna.”
This is wishing Salle ends up with a genuine care and life building group.

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