Build-Up to Saturday Showdown:AJ, Usyk In Mind Games

Ahead of the Saturday night clash between World Boxing Organization, WBO, champion, Anthony Joshua and challenger Oleksandr Usyk, both boxers have started playing mind games with one another.
The subtle mental size-up between the duo came up on the social media when the champion posted a video in which he was seen joggling, with a caption that likened him to being as much a good jogger as his Ukrainian challenger.
Usyk is reputed to be a fantastic juggler alongside his compatriot, Vasyl Lomachenko. The exercise is considered good for training the mind. Joshua, who also included images of himself engaged in a number of the exercise routine, is reported to have added it, alongside a number of circus tricks, to his training routine
Joshua juggling exercise is seen by many as apparent imitation of Usyk’s various previous videos depicting his juggling prowess. For whatever reason however, the WBO champion gave his videos a pointed caption. pointed caption.
“Anything you can do…,” Joshua wrote, obviously alluding to the effect that he can do a lot more of whatever his opponent can come up with.
Almost as quickly as the video was posted, the Ukrainian responded with a like on it. However, he was to later let out some puzzling remarks of his during an interview appearance.
“The fact that people don’t understand me, well, please forgive me.
“I will try to be clearer so you understand me…
“We’ll probably find out in the first round which will prevail-power or skill,” apparently hinting that his vaunted vastness in skills will prevail over Joshua’s much talked about power on Saturday.
While being probed about his take on Joshua’s size, he responded curtly.
“No, it doesn’t annoy me, absolutely not. Like I said, there’s a lot people don’t know, see or understand.”

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