2Bbaba’s Birthday: Annie Pulls the Real Mama Stunt

*Other Baby-Mamas on It Too

2Baba is obviously versed in many areas. A soulful music act that has endeared himself to adoring fans across the world, he is also a loose Canon, very notorious at the now popular “Z Oza Room”. At least, it’s on record that he’s capable of hitting any and every available target with incisive and impactful results, demonstrably by the number of damsels he ensnared under his amorous sheet and ended up making them wear, rather relishly, the seemingly opprobrious Baby-mamas moniker.
But the handsome dude has equally proven to have a presence in the area of living up and taking full responsibilities when needed. That much was the case following the recent happenings in his homestead, where his wife, Annie, took to the social media to assail the public of his many previous and un-going swanky amorous misdemeanors.
Beautifully, 2Baba, as he is fondly called, maintained stoic silence, broken only with measured comment while the dust lasted. He only simply urged the public to let the family quietly sort things out.
It seems things are really being (if not already) sorted out as the outcome of his recently marked 45th birth anniversary indicates.
As part of the razzmatazz, Annie, it was who pulled the strings, with his other ‘Baby-mamas’ acting in toll, to come up with a befitting bash that has relegated whatever marital impasse there may have been. And the guy came up with another set of measured comment afterwards, one that simply puts him in a class of his own.
“I know I’m not without mistakes. Neither I’m perfect. But we keep learning and working and striving to become the best version of ourselves. It is well.”
Isn’t he lovely?
The bash itself was a statement in conflict resolution. It was demure but ravishingly elegant-a ‘Wao’ thing with Annie, of course, sharing podium seat with him but unexpectedly making rooms for all of his baby-Mamas to play important roles, besides sharing the great day with him. His numerous kids and friends from across the world were either physically or virtually in attendance.
The catch is that it was Annie who co-opted her assumed beef mates, each playing a key role in making the event a huge success. The idea was Annie’s, Sunbo Adeoye on the planning, Pero Adeniyi necessarily an unwilling co-host arguably, virtually though. And it turned out to be the dream show every loving couple would wish to have for a long time.
Annie herself tells the real story.
“On Wednesday night at about 8:30pm, I called Esob [email protected] Babe, you know me n all my last minute plans. I beg, no vex oo. She (Sunbo apparently) bursted out laughing. Annie, you have come again oooo. Anyway, long story short, I told her all I really wanted for baba Surprise dinner, told her how baba didn’t wanna do any celebration but I wanted something extremely intimate, just him, our moms and all his kids! Just family!!! She said beautiful, Annie, go and sleep you are sorted….And I was sorted oooo!!”

The icing on the glitzy event is that 2Baba was in the dark about the entire plan. All he suspected was that Annie was taking him out on a private dinner with just the both of them. With the surprise in place, she went into the venue pretending to be making up. The make-up ended up taking so long that birthday boy began to complain and eventually ventured in into the room to drag madam. And Boom!
Hear Annie again.
“A guy thought I was taking him out for dinner alone! Na so my makeup no gree finish! He came up screaming, “babe, na which kind make up u dey do wey no dey finish… He got to the rooftop anddddddd
He didn’t even know his boys were around!
Sumbo n I pulled d trick on him And the highlights was into the dinner. A tv screen came up n boom!!!
All of his friends, family and his kids in America popped up too! That one shock am oo! He was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy!!
Goal achieved! Thank you again @esobevents for making all of these happen in 24 hrs …
I can’t be calm ooo. More images and epistles loading”

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