Oluwanifemi Olajide: Caleb University’s Sword of Democles

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On Wednesday, Punch newspapers reported the lingering faceoff between Oni Olajide, father of Oluwanifemi Olajide, a Computer Science student of Caleb University, privately owned, Lagos-based institution of higher learning. The report has the senior Olajide accusing the school of covering up on circumstances surrounding his son’s disappearance from its campus.
The report also detailed how the student informed his family that he was being threatened by cultists in the university. The allegation, the report continued, are as contained in a WatsApp message the 21 year-student exchanged with Stella, his elder sister.
Among others, Punch newspaper reported too the Lagos state Police command, which spoke through its commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu, had declared that the university was frustrating its efforts at unraveling the circumstances surrounding the disappearance as it appears to be hedging in coming forward with available details.
But in a statement signed by its Deputy Registrar, Public Relation and Marketing, Dr Elvis Otobo, the university says the said student’s disappearance may not be unconnected to a premeditated plan between him and his elder sister, Stella.
“According to our internal investigation and information obtained from WhatsApp chats between the siblings, we are of the strong conviction that this was a premeditated action, deliberately planned by John and his sister. We do not know what could be their motive,” the statement read in part.
Caleb University added that both Oluwanifemi and Stella had a detail discussion prior to the disappearance of the former. The discussion, the school added, includes how he would leave the campus without permission, including details of what he must do to create a false impression. Part of the deal, according to the school, is that he must move out of campus without both his luggage and phone. The a plan the school insists, is what the student apparently followed.
“He apparently complied with this instruction which also specifically asked him to leave his luggage and phone behind, while finding his way out of the campus. We got this information from WhatsApp messages obtained from Stella’s phone. It was also this chat that first mentioned the issue of ‘cult.’”
The university also refuted claims by the student’s father that it refused to paste the victim’s image on the campus.
“The university management pasted John’s picture in various strategic locations within the campus to help in getting relevant information. It was the university that gave an electronic copy of John’s photograph to his father.”
Caleb University also reacted to claims by the police that it is hedging the case. According to its statement, the school reported the matter at the Imota police division without any delay. It explains that it did so because it wanted the matter handled with dispatch. That is, in addition to organizing a search party which it deployed in search of the missing student.
“The management reported the matter promptly at the Imota Divisional Police Station with the sole objective of getting to the root of this matter, and bringing our student back promptly and safely.
“The Divisional Police Officer personally visited the university on August 22, for preliminary investigation. This led to another visit on August 23 with a team of police officers, led by the Divisional Police Officer.
“On August 25, Area N invited officials of the school and they responded swiftly to the invitation. The case was later transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department at Yaba, where both parties were invited and interrogated on August 27, 2021, and requested to come back on August 30. On August 30, the Caleb University team was present, but John’s sister, Stella, and her parents did not show up,” the school added.
The glaring snag in the Caleb University narrative is that Oluwanifemi Olajide is yet to be found. The other is that the university needs to provide CCTV footages, as requested for by father of the disappeared student, to help ascertain his movement within the campus leading to his disappearance. Until all issues surrounding the case are unraveled, Caleb University must carry the cross, more like the Sword of Democles.

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