What’s In Man Utd For Van De Beek?

Statistics, like history, feeds the thirst for facts, facts that help in making right decisions. In Man United’s archive, there are enough statistics to prove that Dutch player, Van de Beek, is head and shoulder taller in performance than his other midfield peers except Frenchman, Paul Pogba. Despite such statistical evidences, he remains confined mostly to the bench as the least utilized, appearing only four times throughout the last Premiership season.
It didnt matter that in playing for so small a number of matches, Danny, as he is fondly referred to, helped secure three wins from four games. That’s a whooping 75% performance record that left many wondering why he had to be on the bench or for the matter, what the heck he’s still doing in the United fold
Importantly too, in the 34 matches the former Ajax prodigy did not start the game, United’s goal average dropped to 52.9% just as the club’s average goal per match dipped from 2.3 to 1.9.
If nothing else, the records speak volume of his on-the-field ability. But for some unexplained reason, Ole kept him on the bench, leaving open rooms for interests from other clubs.
Not without justification, Everton expressed real interest in having him but in the last minute, Ole pulled the rug as he blocked the move, assuring the player and his agent that United has something for him.
Ordinarily, Ole’s assurances would be enough to, at least, ease the Dutchman’s anxiety. But with the return of football’s active legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, to the club’s fold, Van de Beek’s fate appears even more consigned to the bench now.
Like the player’s fans across Europe, his agent, Guido Albers, is is even more confounded now that hat the player’s case is more like that of a man having nightmares in the comfort of his friends and family now forced to contend with his enemies in the open.
“Cristiano arrived on Friday which we knew was bad news for us…” a worried Albers noted.
For all his concerns, Albers wasn’t lost on possible solutions. Almost at the 11th hour of the transfer window, he approached Everton and the latter welcomed his idea with both hands. But just as they were about clinging glasses, Ole called to demand that the player must report to training the next morning.
“We had conversations with Solskjaer and the board. We took the initiative to find a club and our search ended up at Everton. We opened talks with Marcel Brands and Farhad Moshiri.
“On Monday night, we received a call from Solskjaer and the club who told us that a transfer was out of question and that he had to report himself to training the next morning,” he disclosed.
Ole’s response came in brief and to the point.
“Van de Beek will get his chance at Man United,” he said.
All hope is really not lost yet. Ole has given his words that there is a better playing deal ahead for the Dutchman in the ongoing Premiership season. That is, after the player’s perspectives were laid bare to him and the club.
“The perspective now is that we stated that Donny is not a Carabao Cup player or FA Cup player, or to play only in European games. Donny went to England to play in the Premier League.
” The way the conversation went this time compared to last summer… things are much more clear now. I have full expectations that Donny will get his chance now,” he noted expectantly.
There is no doubt that de Beek will be up to the own side of the bargain. After all, apart from Paul Pogba, who had an average of 2.09 tackles per 90 minutes, no other mid fielder in United’s fold matched up with 1.75. But how much can he expect from a club he walked into with fanfare but ended up confining him to the benches despite doing better than any of his peers except again, Pogba, the only midfielder that played more than once and completed more dribbles per 90 minutes than his 1.4
Thus, the question still remains: What’s In Man Utd For Van De Beek?

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